Why do I feel so hungry before I get my period??!


Why do I feel so hungry before I get my period??

Starting about 3 days before I'm going to get my period - I get unusually hungry! and NOTHING satusfies me!! After I've eaten a HUGE meal, I still feel like I need something!!

Not only do I get super hungry, but i crave things!! The worst part is that I dont know what I'm craving... and I tend to just eat different things (Becuase I'm so hungry anyways) until I find something that satusfies the craving.

Any other time of the month I have great self control. I'm trying desperately to lose weight and I always feel accomplished after not giving into a craving.. but right before I'm going to get my period I feel like I have no control over myself!!

I feel like I need somebody to lock me in my bedroom and not let me out until my period starts.

Why does this happen? Any specific reason?? Any tips on how to resist??


hormons causes this.. its normal.. and as u said lasts about 3 or 4 days before u get it.
i dont know if u can resist it
but it passes away.. u have the rest of the month to work out and eat sensible proportions ... i crave for chocolate lol

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