I have a scrape that won't stop pussing.?!


I have a scrape that won't stop pussing.?

I scraped my knee 3 nights ago by sliding to get a ground ball in softball. It stopped bleeding very soon but the pussing has continued. I've been applying zinc oxide ointment and putting bandaids on it but the pussing continues and was coming out the ends of the band aid the other night. Any ideas to make it stop pussing or do I just have to wait it out? It doesn't hurt when I am sitting still but when I'm walking really.


If the skin around the wound is red, tender, or hot to the touch then you might have an infection and you should go see your doctor. Also, if you have a fever, it can also be sign of infection. If not, then the oozing is more likely a result of improper treatment of the wound. Zinc oxide is not appropriate for treating scrapes.

Clean the wound with soap and water then flush it with rubbing alcohol (peroxide is not as effective as an antiseptic and alcohol will not kill healthy tissue). An antibiotic like Neosporine will help the wound to heal faster and help keep bacteria from infecting the wound. The wound should naturally scab over. Don't pick at it. If it itches don't scratch it. Itching is a reaction of the body and is often a sign that the wound is healing.

If you clean it and treat it with an antibiotic ointment and it doesn't scab over in 24 hours or less you should go see your doctor.

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