How do you unjam a toe?!

Question: How do you unjam a toe!?
I jammed my toe like two and a half months ago at colorguard practice and i haven't gotten it unjammed yet!. It's jammed at the knuckle part and no matter how much i push on it, it won't pop, unjam it!. It hurts so bad!.
Does anyone know how i can unjam it!?Www@Answer-Health@Com

It doesn't sound jammed so much as dislocated!. If it is dislocated pushing on it won't help!. What I am going to tell you takes at least one other!. This will hurt like h--l but the pain will stop as soon as it is in place!. Someone needs to grab your toe and pull till it pops back in joint!. Since it has been out of joint so long the ligaments will be stretched!. You should tape to the toe next to it so it won't get easily popped out again!. Good LuckWww@Answer-Health@Com

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