Why Does Vicodin Keep Me Up At Night?!


Why Does Vicodin Keep Me Up At Night?

At first when I take it, im very relaxed and calm. 4 Hours after the effects go away I can't sit still, And IF I go to sleep I have nightmares.

It makes me Relaxed, calm, then once it wears off BOOM im wired and can't sit still.

Is that my body craving the drug? I only take it when needed for pain and im not addicted. Maybe because its addicting thats just my body wanting more? I dont know but its pissing me off.


Most people who take vicodin, unless you are a very frequent user (this is not an incredibly strong pill, and you can become "immune" to its effects fairly quickly), tend to get relaxed, calm, and even sleepy. However, these kinds of drugs can have opposite effects on some people. Looks like you are one of the unlucky few. Tell your doctor what is going on, and try another pain killer that is made from something different, but will give you close to the same effect. By the way, a word of warning, having a doctor who gets pill happy, or illegally abusing pain killers, can make stronger pain medicines far less effective to you should you ever have a severe need for them.

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