TOE question!!?!


TOE question!!?

why do some people have their second toe longer than their first?? How is it suppose to be? Does it affect balance or anything either way?

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3 weeks ago
i actually don't have a larger 2nd toe! And my ring finger is considerably smaller than my middle one. So there you go! lol


When I was kid that was referred to as a "witch's toe." Don't know why. I think it's fairly common but secondary to the 'big toe' being the longest, then on down. [Everyone in my family have "witch's toes!!"] I think it's just a different ethnic type we originated from. I & everyone in my family have always been natural athletes so actually, it may ENHANCE balance & overall coordination. Welcome to the Club, if you have them too! I understand many of us with this second toe length ALSO have ring fingers that are nearly as long as our middle fingers. Do you?

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