Why would my vision get blurry for a minute then clear up????!


Why would my vision get blurry for a minute then clear up????

OK heres the deal for some reason my right eye will get blurry almost white cloudy vision then I blink a bunch of times and it clears up. I wear contacts during the day and take them out at night and wear my glasses from there on untill I go to bed it happens with either contacts and my glasses. I was checked for diabetes about 8 monthes ago and my doctor said I was OK. I have high blood pressure and acid reflux and they are both under control with medications prescribed by my doctor.


It is a side effect of wearing contacts. Does it usually happen when you are really tired or if there is wind? It is most likely a lack of moisture, or "dry eye" that is common with contact use. Drops will help temporarily, but there is really no cure. Soft contacts are up to 90% water, so if you are not producing as much at certain times of the day it will temporarily affect your vision as you described. A switch of contact brands may help some, but won't rid you of the problem entirely.

It is nothing to worry about, but it is a pain in the neck. I would still ask my optometrist about it if I were you, but I suspect my answer is accurate as I have had the same experience for many years, as confirmed by my eye care specialist.

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