Accidental Ingestion of Listerine?!


Accidental Ingestion of Listerine?

I accidently ingested about a tsp (no more than a tbsp) of listerine when trying to wash out my mouth. should this be a cause of alarm? I drank some water, but woke up the next morning with what feels like a swollen tongue in the back part of my throat. should i just drink water and take it? or see a professional?
i dont have any others symptoms


The only thing that may be causing your symptoms from the Listerine is an allergy. Many people are allergic menthol but do not realize it since it produces vague or mild symptoms in most cases. I have such an allergy. I had a cough for over a year. Many doctors visits, tests, ineffective medications and hundreds of dollars (thousands if you include what the insurance paid) later, I figured it out on my own. As soon as I asked the doctor if my cough drops could be exacerbating my problem, he said "possibly, a lot of people are allergic to menthol". Why didn't he tell me that in the first, second or third place? I stopped using mouthwash, cough drops and certain breath mints and the problem disappeared. If I accidentally ingest something with menthol, I start coughing again.

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