Why is my urine a light green color?!


Why is my urine a light green color?

When I urinate, my urine usually appears to have a very faint green color to it. I was wondering why this is? Back in my times my urine only had a yellow tint to it. What could be the explanation for this?

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5 days ago
I do consume a lot of water, and protein shakes! I also take "Men's One a Day" multivitamin. I also take fish oil gel tablets and vitamin c tablets every once in a while. I also take digestive enzymes before meals. That is everything I consume besides regular food diets. I do not take any medication.

5 days ago
I have been taking multivitamins for a long time and also vitamin C tablets. I have been taking the same protein shakes for over a year now, and the fish oils i have been taking for about 6 months now i believe. The digestive enzmes i have been taking since i have been taking protein shakes.


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