Does a cyst or lipoma (lump of fat) show up in an x-ray?!

Question: Does a cyst or lipoma (lump of fat) show up in an x-ray!?
I have a few lumps of hard fat (not sure what to call them) and one is growing near my spine!. Some are near the surface and some are really deep in the fat!. I would:

a!. like to locate and pinpioint them


b!. see if they are pinching on nerves like my spine or scatia nerve

Should I ask the doctor for an X-ray or should I ask for an MRI!? Or should I get an x-ray first to get an idea of how many I have and then get an MRI for the more serious ones!. I'm kind of confused how to go about this and need some advise!.


Unless they are very large, lipomas won't show up on an x-ray!. Even on MRIs, sometimes they can be hard to tell apart from normal fat!.

Cysts won't show up on an x-ray either and if they're small can also be hard to see on MRI!.

Depending on your symptoms and physical exam findings, your doctor may order either an x-ray or MRI to investigate this further!.

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