Iron Supplements that don't hurt your stomach?!

Question: Iron Supplements that don't hurt your stomach!?
My boyfriend has anemia and his doc prescribed him 325mg of iron 3 times a day and it's making him sick!.

Are they any supplements that are easier on the stomach but with the same mg of iron!?

Would yogurt possibly help with the digestion!?


Your boyfriend can try "SlowFe" it doesn't release all at once and should help with his stomach!. He can also eat iron rich foods like broccoli, liver, spinach!.!.!.etc!.

Yogurt can help with his digestion if he gets the kind with active cultures like "Activia"

Good luck, hope he gets to feeling better soon,


Yogurt will help with digestion and make the stomache healthiefer!. SO yes!. He should eat dark green veggies these are a lot of iron!. But you shold also discuss with your doctor if there are any other medication!. Because medication people suggest may have side effects, only a doctor will truly know!.


I use and recommend Black Strap Molasses (grocery or health food stores) 2 tablespoons a day, to my clients!.!.works well!. Yellow dock in capsules or liquid form is also a good source and easy on the body etc!. 2x per dayWww@Answer-Health@Com

He could try Floradix Formula Liquid Iron!. It's natural and made from plants!. It doesn't bother my stomach at all!. It can be found at Wild Oats or Whole Foods, etc!. It does need to be refrigerated after opening!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

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