Puriclean - Instant Acting Complete Body Cleanser - Will I pass my drug test?!

Question: Puriclean - Instant Acting Complete Body Cleanser - Will I pass my drug test!?
I don't smoke weed often, but had last took a couple puffs on the 14th of June!.
I have been steadily flushing for the past few days with cranberry juice and water!.
I will take my drug test on Monday morning and will be using Puriclean - Instant Active Complete Body Cleanser!. I would guess that this is going to be a urine test and hope that I can pass!

Has anyone ever taken this product and can recount their experience!?
If not, any other success stories whereby you can recommend a product!?

Any info will help!.

Thanks a million,

My father was a federal probation officer, and he tested people weekly for drugs for over 20 years!. According to him, all you need to do before the test is to drink so much water that your urine is clear!. I have done this myself and passed every test I've ever taken whether I should have failed or not!.
Upon seeing the clear urine, they may think you've diluted the sample, but they will usually have a thermometer on the bottle which will show the correct temperature, which will rule that out!.
Now, Dad would make someone on probation sit in his office for 8 hours if he had to until he got a urine sample that wasn't clear, but if you're just testing for a job, they honestly DON'T WANT to find any drugs!. If you've gotten to this point, they WANT to hire you!. If you are asked to re-test at a later time, just do the same thing!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Check the type of cranberry juice you're drinking!. If it's not 100% all cranberry juice it isn't doing much for the bladder & kidneys than any other juice on the shelf!. I know, i have bladder problems!. Buy some all natural cranberry juice = if that's not what you have your just drinking sugar, water & other types of blended juices!. I can't say it will totally flush the type of things you're looking for but it will clean your bladder & prevent bacteria from adhering!. As for the other product, i can't say-never heard of it!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

it depends on the potency of the herb!.
i once smoked this stuff grown deep in the hills of Chiapas Mexico by the indians and that only the freedom fighters there keep for themselves to smoke before the night of a fight to calm themselves down!. i was F***ed Up!

that stuff was too strong for the cleanser i used and i failed my test!. but hey, what's one job compared to the support of those noble rebelsWww@Answer-Health@Com

I haven't used it personally, but I do know that there are tests they can do to determine if you have used a cleanser or not!. Whether or not they will do this test, I don't know!. You are better off just not doing drugs, especially if you KNOW you are going to be tested!Www@Answer-Health@Com

You loose the testing is to accurate!.Stupid!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

well actually i'm a heavy smoker and just took a drug test a little while ago!.!.!.!.i wasn't willing to take any chances so what i did was fill a condom up with someone else's clean urine and hid it in my panties (or briefs for men, i wouldnt recommend trying it with boxers) so that it will be body temp!. they need 60 ml so once in the bathroom with no observers, stick a pointy pen in the condom and fill the cup up to where it needs to be then pour the rest in the toilet (some places want some in the toilet too)!.!.!.and youre all set!.!.!.!.please make sure that the urine is in between 90-100 degrees or its an instant failure!.!.!.for best results try to get the urine right before the test so that on your way there the urine can be in your underwear getting hot!.!.if your skinny wear 2 pairs of briefs!.!.!.!.!.doing it this way will save money and you'll know for a fact the urine is clean!. when done with the condom wrap in tissue and stick in your pocket!.!.!.u cannot flush and they will check the trash!.!.!.good luckWww@Answer-Health@Com

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