Vomiting all night with fever and chills after a few drinks?!

Question: Vomiting all night with fever and chills after a few drinks!?
I had about five drinks total in four hours and i ate dinner out!. i don't remember much about being out, but i remember waking up in the middle of the night vomiting profusely, every time i smelled something i vomited projectile!. i also had the chills and what felt like a fever not that i could take my temp!. i couldn't walk without throwing up!. i felt like i was going to die! then this morning it all went away and i just feel like a hangover!. that's not alot for me to drink, and i've gotten sick from drinking before, but never like that!. and i didn't have any diarrhea so i don't think it was food poisoning!. but i was dry heaving forever!. could it be some kind of poisoning/ drug!?Www@Answer-Health@Com

i dont know much about drinkingand its effects but i what i cane tell you is that vomiting too much can make your body lose fluid and electrolytes!.!.!.which is bad!.!.!.if it persists i suggest you go see a doctorWww@Answer-Health@Com

I don't know whether this is some kind of poisoning or not but surely it's a sign that the drinking is doing harm to your body and it can't take it very well!. I hope you'll learn a precious lesson from this horrible experience and start respecting your body!. I don't know your age but it could only get worse as we age!. I am not saying that you have to avoid alcohol for the rest of your life but it's important that we know our limit and drink sensibly!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

I had a bad kidney for a while (before I had an operation to remove a blockage)!. This would happen whenever I would drink to much of anything (soda,water, beer) anything!. Have it looked at please, dont just ignore it when it goes away!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

ok the problem is what you drank, you had too much drink and to top it all is you ended with food so that didn't digest well with the liquor and it got you stick of the mixture!. an alcoholic poisoningWww@Answer-Health@Com

Yes, it's called alcohol poisoning!. The same amount of drinks can have varying effects depending on the day, what you eat, etc!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

That sounds more like food poisoning than anything to do with alcohol, even if you were only throwing up!.!.!.or maybe some kind of stomach flu!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

sounds like someone put eye drops(visene) in your drink it will make you terribly sick for a short time with the same symptoms you described never leave your drink unattendedWww@Answer-Health@Com

o yeah someone put something in your drink it feels awful and it would last for at least 2 more days so have lots of water and if you still are feeling bad really go to the doctorWww@Answer-Health@Com

definite possibility!Www@Answer-Health@Com

someone put something in your drink girllWww@Answer-Health@Com

could have had your drink spiked,who were you out with!?Www@Answer-Health@Com

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