Why does your temperature go up at night?!

Question: my temperature is always higher at night. why is that?

Answers: my temperature is always higher at night. why is that?

The body temperature usually goes down at night.

Several factors for you:

might be wearing warmer clothing;
environment is warmer;
might be ovulating (if a female);
or if extremely high, one might have a medical condition (tuberculosis or cancer for example).

It does so at night if it is cloudy because the heat from the sun in the ground is held in by the clouds. The ground was warmed all day by the sun.
The coldest time of day is usually about 7 A.M. because heat was released all night from the soil.

That is odd, because , actually the opposit usually happens!

How much does it go up?

Your thyroid is working, but maybe you should have it checked out. That temp. could be the begining of problems!

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