Has anyone ever had thier ears syringed and does it hurt?!

Question: I cannot hear at all out of one ear and have a constant ringing in it as well.I am due to have it syringed.Will the ringing stop then and my hearing be normal.Can things go wrong?

Answers: I cannot hear at all out of one ear and have a constant ringing in it as well.I am due to have it syringed.Will the ringing stop then and my hearing be normal.Can things go wrong?

I think some of the other answers cater for your needs more than I can! I will say though, try to loosen the blockage a little with a teaspoon of olive oil, lie down and let it go into your ear, and use cotton wool to plug it. Do this every couple of nights for about a week before syringing, and it will not be as painful.
The ringing could be caused by a number of factors, but if it is tinnitus, then there may not be a way to get rid of it. I did see a TV programme about a therapy which involved subjecting the affected ear to a sound frequency matching that of the ringing; this was said to eliminate the tinnitus although I'm not sure how credible it was.
Syringing is a relatively safe process: it basically involves sucking the wax out with a plastic syringe, so if anything it is noisy! Just remember to loosen it beforehand so that it doesn't damage your ear on the way out. I hope it works out OK and that it's nothing serious =oD

Syringing the ears does not hurt all that much but it can make you very very dizzy. As to things going wrong, well, there is a chance the ear drum will get damaged, there is also a low but real risk of infection, some risk of mild bleeding.

Now, as to the ringing: this is called 'tinnitus'. Syringing will not make tinnitus go away. I wish it did.

Tinnitus can be either permament or temporary. If temporary, you most likely have had an accident or infection as the cause and it will soon get better [2 to 3 months]

Now, if it is permanent, sorry, it will not just go away. Most people learn to live with it. You can try a severe sodium restricted diet [1200 milligrams a day], which sometomes helps. Also, you can use a 'white noise' machine so the tinnitus does not become so awful while you are trying to sleep or read a book in a quiet place.

Now, there are some surgeries and medicines that can help, but these basically destroy the nerves in the ear, and I would not start with this.

Best of luck

It doesn't hurt but it does feel a bit weird...

I had mine done a few years ago (lost hearing in one ear)

It did not hurt at all and my hearing returned to normal.

I dont think it is a risky procedure (just warm water squirted in each ear)

It doesn't hurt at all but for a day or two before you go put some oil, baby or olive into your ears to soften the wax.

no it actually feels cool..its not scary. i have to get it done all the time. thats how my ears are

Doubt if anything will go wrong as such. but syringing can be a bit painful. Helps if you drip olive oil in ear for a week before. Ringing might be caused by wax and will improve, but may not ... If tinnitus will continue. Your hearing abilities should be checked by an audiologist and the reason for any impaired hearing to be established ..

It depends which way they do it and whether you have any underlying infection at the time. The old style syringing with warm water is not painful but feels like a powerful woosh going through your head and leaves you feeling quite dizzy. The newer motorised implements can be a bit painful if the wax is hard to dislodge or if their is an infection. My advise is to oil your ear (olive) regularly for a week prior to your visit to the doc. This will make the removal quick and painless. Dont worry its straightforward, side effects are unlikely, and the net result will amaze you, no ringing, no blocked feeling, and full hearing!

every person experiences it differently. one sis tells me it tickles ;-) the other reckons its ouch! for few secs but gruesome. having mine done next week too, the joys! hope it goes ok for you

Doesn't hurt at all, just tickled me a bit, normally the nurse at the GP can perform this procedure, though afterwards they can place some cotton wool in the ear as it can become sensitive to loud noise afterwards for a few hours.

I have. Sometimes it does hurt if they push the syringe in to the wrong place but usually not. It is more effective and more comfortable with warm water than cold.

Wax usually causes some reduced hearing and some crackling in your ear but the ringing could be tinitus and if so I don't think syringing will help.

Yes, I have had my ears syringed, and no, it shouldn't hurt, you feel a rush, or whoosh of fluid, and suddenly, you can hear again.

I find it uncomfortable but necessary, I have been getting my ears syringed for,

Hopefully your only problem will turn out to be impacted wax. If so this minor and painless procedure should fix things for you.

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