Why can't you wear makeup for surgery? Just curious.?!

Question: I'm wondering why you can't wear nail polish either. If you're not having surgery on your face, why can't you wear mascara or eyebrow pencil or whatever?

Answers: I'm wondering why you can't wear nail polish either. If you're not having surgery on your face, why can't you wear mascara or eyebrow pencil or whatever?

When you go in for surgery, you will be given anesthesia which will make you unable to communicate with the doctor about how you are feeling so they relie on the signs from your body to let them know how you are handling the surgery.

They need to put a probe on your finger to see your oxygen level in your blood, and it can't read through fingernail polish. Plus, if the probe were to fail and your oxygen levels were getting low your fingernails would start turning blue and they could see this if your polish were off.

Makeup in general on the face, can mask your skin color, which is a quick check on how you are handling surgery. Also, if something went wrong and they needed to put you to sleep to save your life, they would need to tape your eyes shut and put other tape on your face, and tape doesn't stick well to makeup and face creams.

Also, in the room there are gases used for anesthesia which are considered flamable. They use an electric knife for cutting and other electric items in the room and so they want to reduce any chance for a fire. They tape a big pad with wires to your back which "grounds" your body to help prevent a static electric spark near the surgery site (or anywhere on your body) Believe it or not, the patient with the drapes on him/her are considered the most flamable thing in the room, I suppose any oil (as in makeup) that can be prevented from being in the room makes it a much safer place.

Fire is the reason you can't wear make-up and nail polish. Who you trying to impress in the surgical suite? They could care less what you look like.

the make up contains chemicals so there is a risk of them getting into any open cuts by the microscopic particles in the make up

Because there's going to be a lot of tape on your face. Your eyes have to be taped shut to keep them moist, tubes might need to be taped in place etc etc.

The goal is to keep everything sterile... makeup can flake off and contaminate the OR. I'd speak with your surgeon specifically about the mosturizer, but nailpolish has to be removed so that the surgical team can easily see your nail beds, because changes can signify medical problems.

I'm not a medical professional, but I was always told it's because the doctors want to see the color of your face during surgery, like if it blushes or becomes yellow and they don't want make up covering it up....also, no cream because of all the equipment they use and they don't want the cream to get on it, like for a mammagram, you can't wear deodorant or perfume....think sterile environment....

You shouldn't have body creams or lotions on your skin so that the EKG leads adhere properly. If you are receiving general anesthesia they tape the eyelids shut to protect the eyes and so they stay moist.....so....if you have eye makeup on it can prevent the tape from adhering. As far as the nail polish....it's how the anesthesiologist can determine your oxygen levels just by looking at your nailbeds. They get dark if you aren't getting enough oxygen but don't worry....that's not the only way they check levels. You are on monitors too.

No cream is because some machines they use on a person react to the ingredients in the creams. I hate it, but that is the way it is when I go in for EKG's, etc.

As to nail polish, etc during surgery, the staff have to continually monitor your body functions, and this can be done with machines, but also your nail coloring. As to mascara, etc. you need to be sterile as possible. Some of these cosmetics could have bacteria and you could be in a worse shape than before needing surgery. None of this is fun; you could easily die or have to take more time for recovering from the surgery.
Nobody cares what you look like when you go in. I used to think that I look dorky with the head covering, no make up, etc. until I realized I wasn't in a beauty contest, I was in a surgical ward.

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