Why do I have flat poop?!

Question: My poop has been coming out completely flat on all for sides. Usually the flat piece follows a round one.

Answers: My poop has been coming out completely flat on all for sides. Usually the flat piece follows a round one.

Just like people, poop comes in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. Any similarity between people and stools should end there, however. The interior of the colon is round, so the shape of poop is usual round, too. A change in stool shape or caliber can be the result of a mass that is affecting the lumen of the bowel. Though many different stool appearances are considered normal, any change from your "usual" bowel habits should be considered abnormal.
Get yourself checked out. This will likely involve a colonoscopy, which is a really fun procedure that involves a 4 foot long "snake" being inserted up your ***, drugs, and a day off work. In all likelihood every thing is ok, but it never hurts (ok, it hurts sometimes) to get a clean bill of health for the old bunghole.

Good luck!

maybe you squeez your but too much. you compress it upon release

OOooooo, You mean you didn't sit on it? Thats strange.

maybe too much water. I get flat floaties too... LOL
Don't rush it. let it take its time.

Somehow you are forming your anus into a square shape. The poop is being extruded and takes on that shape. Have you thought about developing it into a stage act? Le Petomane was very good in France with a similar act

You are lucky to have some still normal. There is a bacteria that survives in the lower bowel if you eat vegetable oils. It makes you go too much and the tube is flat. If you use coconut oils for everything you will see it return to normal. Because this also causes you over eat now some people use meds to reduce appetite. The result was the flat tube allowed a hole to be eaten through the wall. Operation was needed and it's serious. Use animal oils or tree oils only Then the protective mucous layer will return.

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