How Long until Gums Grow Back after Wisdom Teeth Extraction?!


How Long until Gums Grow Back after Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

I had my wisdom teeth out 16 days ago, all 4 we fully impacted and required oral surgery.

They are healing very well, and i had the stitches out last week.

My only question is, i have a bit of jaw bone that is covered with a very thin layer of gun tissue on both the upper jaws , where the wisdom teeth used to be. When the teeth where the the bone was fully covered with soft gum tissue, now its just a thin layer.

Both sides are a bit "sharp" for lack of a better term and i have a bad habit of hitting them with my toothbrush, which caused a sharp quick pain.

my question is, will the gum tissue grow back?

My Oral Surgeon can not see me this week but can bump someone Thursday if i ABSOLUTELY must be seen.

It doesn't hurt at all, unless i whack it with a toothbrush, and there is no pain, blood or pus.

is this something i should have someone "bumped" to get looked at, or is it normal for post wisdom teeth extraction?


Actually you're moving right along. The fact that it is only sensitive when hit is marvelous! It seems to be healing nicely then. The biggest issue with an extraction such as what you underwent is the amount of trauma it inflicted upon your mouth. Depending upon the severity of the problem, it may take a lot longer to heal up completely. The tissue grows back very quickly as gum tissue (Thankfully) is some of the fastest healing in the body. The problem lies in the bone regenerating. There is no tooth to hold in place, which can cause recession, (Not a big problem with wisdom's btw) And at the same time warring to fill in that extraction site. I had all mine removed at once as well, and actually had problems like that for WEEKS afterword. Give yourself about 2 months. It seems like a long time, but people heal at different rates. If it does become painful swollen, puss-filled, or deep dark red, call your Dentist IMMEDIATELY. If an infection gets in the bone it is very painful. Good luck and try using a super soft brush back there with a rounded hear. It helps a lot.

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