Can an 18 year old still be growing teeth?!

Question: my best friends dentist told her she has 26 teeth! lol, is this normal?

Answers: my best friends dentist told her she has 26 teeth! lol, is this normal?

It could be her wisdom teeth growing.


Some people have three sets of teeth!


you can get your wisdom teeth up till the age of 30


yesh i think it is.i mean..if ur mouth insnt like...filled up, more teeth will come out, but if there is absolutely no more space on ur gums to grow teeth, well..i think that's normal!

I think there are supposed to be 32 adult teeth in total, after your four wisdom teeth come through, which can be as late as in your 20s. But for braces up to four teeth can be removed, so that might be why she has less than 28.

yes your wisdom teeth

your friend will have 26 teeth through the gum but her wisdom teeth still need to make an appearance, they would only show up on an xray, and unless they are giving her problems or going to see an orthodontist, then xrays will not be taken.

there has been cases in the past where an elderly person with full mouth dentures has told their dentist that they no longer fit, when the dentist looked into their mouth they saw a wisdom tooth coming through. the average age for wisdom teeth to erupt is 18-25, but you can just as easily not get them in due to the position they are sitting under the gum.

so yes your friend is normal!

Adults finally have 32 teeth.
The wisdom teeth erupt between age 16 and 24.

yes u can grow wisdom teeth that are suppose to hurt like hell lol

I can assure you that this is normal for your best friend. Although she has 26 teeth at the moment, her wisdom teeth will soon erupt and make an appearance. I'm sure that in it time, she'll have her full set of 32 adult teeth.

I hope everything works out in the end. Take always and good luck.

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