What is the difference between temporary dentures and permanent ones,?!


What is the difference between temporary dentures and permanent ones,?

and why is it the costs r so different at different dentist s for same procedures,and dentures,i have other questions and will post them seperately due to space here,well,1400.00 for temp. and same for perm.ones...yet at another place can get perm.ones for less than 1/2 of that ? asked my dentist this and he had the assistant to answer it he had other persons waiting ,said sorry gotta run ,she said that my gums will shrink and i will need to get anew set so they will fit better,[well i know my gums will shrink]i asked if he would use the other dentures should i choose to buy them due to cost she said no ,he only will use his,i needed to get these teeth pulled before more bone loss but i cant aford his teeth [ever]even w/insurance my out of pocket was alot .its took me trips to other dentist for consultation and each had to get a x ray a cost out of my pocket,because these dentist wont share,insurance allows one x ray every other year,only 1000.00 a year 50.00 deductable,dont get much

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2 months ago
saved enough money to get teeth pulled and had them pulled,but cant aford teeth for awhile,it took me 2yrs to save for extraction,now savin for dentures but what is it with dentures why so many choices and costs,and pros and cons ,its just so sad that hard working people like my self pay so much a month for insurance that i could of had paid for the whole mess all at one time ,i feel raped by the dentist as well as the insurance ,whats a person to do?


Immediates dentures you will get immediatley as soon as your teeth are extracted, they are also called healing dentures because your gums will swell on about the third day after extractions and it will take 6 months to a year for them to be completley healed you will have to go to the Dentist for adjusments because as your gums shrink it will rub a sore spot at certin places and the Dentist can just shave the denture down a little bit where the sore spot is ,you could have as many as 10 adjustments in this year, in the beginning it is more ( the first 3 weeks ) Some people such as I have chose to keep my immediate permantly it is for you to choose.New permanants dentures are known to be lighter and more comfortable because after 1 year you go back and take another immpression and all the gum tissue is healed so naturally the denture will be a better fit and you wont have to use any adhesives to hold them in. I know of a great web site and you can ask all the questions you have and we have alot of fun too the site is "denturesanewsmile.com I hope this helps. Good luck to you

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