Is constantly chewing on gum bad for your jaw?!!?!

Question: I usually chew gum at work. So typically I chew it 8 hours a day. I don't mean my teeth. Will all this chewing damage or harm my jaw in any way? Thanks!!!

Answers: I usually chew gum at work. So typically I chew it 8 hours a day. I don't mean my teeth. Will all this chewing damage or harm my jaw in any way? Thanks!!!

First off, I agree with the other answers with regards to cleaning and if the gum is sugarless like Trident there are studies that prove it actually helps prevent tooth decay after meals if you can not brush. However, the bigger concern is your TMJ (jaw joint), the constant chewing of gum can do damage to your joint. It may cause undue stress to this joint and cause pain and tenderness down the road.

The action of chewing gum too often could result in overworking the muscles and joint of your jaw. If you think about it, the jaw joint is just like the elbow or knee. You do bend the elbow and knee quit a bit during the day, but not as much as the jaw if you are constantly chewing gum. As far as the teeth are concerned it depends on if you are chewing sugarless gum or not. Sugars in the gum would be on your teeth all day long. This would result in a major problem with decay. If you chew sugarless gum, that would actually help clean your teeth. Chewing would remove debris off your teeth after eating and also keep the saliva built up to wash the teeth. Consider this, if you aren't a country girl you may not have seen cows in a field. Cows chew their cud all day long. If you want people to think you look like a cow, chewing gum all the time will give you that look. lol Well, that's what it reminds me of anyway...

i dont think so. i actually think it will make it stronger because u are working your jaw muscles.

ask a Doctor . good luck

No, it will only strengthen it.

If your jaw starts to hurt, it may just be tired.

Hope this helps :)

no duh yes

Hmm, that cannot be good.

Your jaw will be fine. Like all muscles, they get stronger with use.

Just make sure you are using sugarless gum to protect your teeth, though.

Don't believe the guy below about TMD. If the guy had actually read the article, he'd know that there's no link between TMD and chewing gum. It says so right in the article link he gave. Chewing gum may aggravate TMD and TMJ if you already have it, but it doesn't cause it.

I don't think so, it shouldn't but if your jaw does start hurting, you should probably stop chewing gum....

WELL, you can get pains from all that chewing, which hurts badly. Try chewing less often.

it can cause jaw damage if you chew too much. i can cause tmd or tmj as well.

I imagine you're building up your jaw muscle. Uh, take a break if you get cramps.

I have a tempomandular jaw disorder (TMJ). Excessive chewing can aggrovate the joint and can cause severe pain, headaches, earaches and facial swelling etc.. TMJ can start off from something as simple as yawning too wide. Now I have to wear a dental splint for perhaps the rest of my life. (It will be evaluated after 2 years). Go to your dentist who will write a referral for you to see a TMJ specialist. Better to be safe than sorry. I lived with such pain for 5 years before I saw a specialist. The damage worsened over time. However, in moderation there are known benefits to chewing sugarless gum (ie saliva production etc) but given the fact that you have pain, you should investigate. P.S I was never a gum chewer, yet I have a permanent jaw disorder.

it hurts sometimes if you chew a lot. I have also heard chewing gum helps you concentrate. I think we should be aloud to chew gum during tests so we get higher grades.

yaaa it will cause dmage 2 ur jaw when u get older and cavities>>i say stop now b4 it gets 2 late>>u do NOT want 2 looze all ur teeth b4 ur 30>>

i dont think it would damage a jaw but i havent had problems with my jaw i love too chew gum and eat really good food

soo if we do eat is that bad for our jaw or do you think it would save ourselves
i rather chew my food and gum

No, it's actually good for the jaw muscles.

I'm not sure it will cause any harm to your gums but the people around you might just think it a bit annoying.

From personal experience YES!!!! I use to chew gum everyday at work because I was bored. One day I woke up and couldn't open my mouth all the way. I went to the doctor and and he diagnosed me with TMJ Syndrome (Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome).

well if you like chew it like all the time you might get a tired jaw when you get older but if it ever so often like maybe once a day and thats it i dont think it to much harm but you shoud ask your doctor. Hopefuly your fine. Good uck and a Happy New Year

Not your jaw, but if you have any fillings, chewing gum can gradually loosen them. It really is not a good habit. Do your best to break it!!!!
Good luck!

Not for you jaw, in fact it strengthens the muscles, but it can be bad for your teeth.

Actually it could lead to temporomandibular joint syndrome.(TMJ syndrome). I have it, and it isn't any fun. Mine isn't from excessive gum-chewing, but from bruxism (teeth grinding). If you're worried about it, ask your doctor or dentist at your next routine visit.

So who do you want to believe about whether or not it causes or aggravates TMJ syndrome? A total stranger on the internet or your trusted health care provider (doctor or dentist?)

Well you might want to call your dentist and ask them that question !!


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