Why do some people tan easily and others sunburn easily?!


Why do some people tan easily and others sunburn easily?

I dont get it ... everywhere from my chest (I am a guy) down tans easily and its very difficult for me to get a sunburn. My upper chest, shoulders, and face also tan but they burn very easily.


It really depends on the amount concentration and distribution of melanin in your body as well as the rapidity of growth of these cells, fair skinned people have less while dark skinned people have more..albinos have none and people with freckles have concentrations in varying amounts in varying areas, melanin is the component in skin which gives it, it's pigmentation...the areas that tend to burn more easily on you are probably exposed to the sun more often causing the cells to regenerate and to slough off more rapidly these new cells are constantly being newly exposed to the ultra violet lights of the sun which causes the skin to burn.

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