What are these sesame seed-like plugs stuck in my skin?!


What are these sesame seed-like plugs stuck in my skin?

I sometimes get these things that feel kinda hard under the surface of my skin. All I have to do is apply a little pressue and a hard, semi-oily piece of material slides out easiely. I do not have to force it our or anything like that. The thing looks like a yellow sesame seed, almost "molded" by my pores. They come out intact, with a sharply defined shape and a high gloss. It is almost a wax. They always slide out cleanly, without any kind of pain, bleeding, pus or anything. They are completely dry, but the skin's oil does lubricate them on their way out. The pore they formed in stays large for a few hours and then shrinks back to its original size. These are NOT pimples, where you have to break the skin to get the contents out. These hard objects slide out the pore's opening.

Does anyone have any idea what these things might be?


Blackheads. They are usually very easy to express from the skin. You can try Biore pore strips. They help pull them from the skin.

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