Can you die from Cellulitis?!

Question: Can you die from Cellulitis!?
So, I've been getting very little information about my Mom who is currently in the hospital and will shortly undergo surgery to get a tracheostomy!. Anyway, I talked to my sister earlier and she told me that my mom is also suffering from something called cellulitis!. Apparently her body isn't responding to the antibiotics or whatever they're giving her for it!. Does this mean that she could die from it!? It's a bacterial disease, no!? Any information any one has would be greatly appreciated!.

Also, my sister said that my mom probably won't go home for awhile and that after the hospital stay she'll be moved to a hospice!. It is my understanding that that is someplace for people who are really ill and who will die within a certain amount of time (I read 6 months) is this so!?

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She will not die from cellulitis!.
cellulitis (if diagnosed correctly) is almost always due to group A strep or group B strep - both of which are extraordinarily sensitive to penicillin!. Just about any antbiotic on earth can kill these!.

It sounds like she has much more serious issues than cellulitis, and if hospice is being considered, it is apparent that she is not expected to recover from these other conditions!.

Also note that cellulitis is VERY frequently MISdiagnosed!. Quite often, very obese people with chronic leg edema will develop venous stasis dermatitis - the skin of both legs will look red, and feel slightly warm!. It may crack open and leak clear yellow fluid!. This is NOT an infection, but is often misdiagnosed as "cellulitis"!. Since it is not due to infection, it does not get better with any amount of antibiotic therapy!. If her "cellulitis" is "not responding" to antibiotic treatment, most likely this is what you are dealing with!.

Is the "cellulitis" on both of her legs!? if so, it is not cellulitis, but is stasis dermatitis!. Does she have fluid overload from CHF, or cirrhosis, or bad leg veins!? all these things contribute to venous stasis dermatitis!.

Be reassured - cellulitis is not a threat to your mother!. You need to just concentrate on providing for her comfort and emotional support, which are much more important!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

I had periorbital cellulitus about 2 months ago!. It is a serious condition, yet can be treated easily in most cases!. The major problem with celluitis is that it travels quickly and without warning!. My infection was in my eye, so my doctor feared that the infection would spread to my brain!. If they caught it quickly, I wouldn't worry!. However, if hospice has been mentioned, I would make it a priority to visit your mother soon!. That means that she is in serious condition!. Ask more questions, and go spend some time with your mother!. Consider it an emergency situation!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

There might be a first for everything but I have NEVER HEARD of anyone dying from cellulitisWww@Answer-Health@Com

yes it can be if not treated right can die from the infectionWww@Answer-Health@Com

Yes, but it is unlikely!.
Cellulitis is an infection of the deep layer of the skin!. It often occurs in patients who are hospitalized because they are receiving a lot of injections and having their blood drawn, or they may have surgical scars!. Each of those little holes or scars is a place where a tiny amount of bacteria from outside the body can get to the inside the body even though caregivers are very careful!. When people are already sick from another disease, their body often has trouble fighting the bacteria to keep it from infecting these small wounds, and they develop cellulitis!. Sometimes they are on medications known as immunosuppressants or chemotherapy that make it even harder for their body to fight the infection!.

Two of the most common bacteria to cause cellulitis are "staph" and "strep!." Most strains can be treated with antibiotics!. Some strains are antibiotic resistant, in which case, the doctors may treat her with uncommon antibiotics!. In the very rare and unusual cases where they cannot safely cure the infection with antibiotics, they may do surgery to take out the infection (perhaps while they do the tracheostomy) to keep the cellulitis from spreading!.

Some patients are too sick to be treated by the strongest antibiotics!. Their livers will fail!. Some patients are too sick to survive anesthesia for surgery to remove an infection!. Sometimes even after antibiotics and surgery the infection returns!. In these situations the patient would be given lots of medication to be made comfortable and become unconscious before dying!.

Hospice care is an excellent alternative to staying in a hospital!. The people who work in hospices are very sensitive to the fact that they are dealing with patients and families who are handling incurable illness!. They know what the specific issues of concern are, including special ways to make your mom more comfortable!. If you want, you may ask your sister if you can visit the hospice before your mother goes there so that you are comfortable there before the moment you see your mom there--otherwise it might be very emotional!. The hospice means you do not have to have nursing care in your home, which can be very messy and physically demanding and expensive!. Some people will choose to stay at the hospice through the day they die--especially those who do not have family or a home to go back to!. Some people choose to stay at the hospice until they feel they are about to die, and then they return to die in their own home in their most familiar surroundings!.

Sometimes people who go to hospice care still have quite a long period of time left, but they qualify for hospice because their disease is incurable and terminal!. They may return home from hospice for quite some time before they return to the hospice to die!. So there is no 6 month time frame on hospice care!.

Best wishes!.
Let me know if you have any other questions you believe i can answer!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

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