Why does eating walnuts cause small "cuts" on my tongue?!


Why does eating walnuts cause small "cuts" on my tongue?

Almost everytime I eat walnuts I get these small "cuts" on my tongue and sometimes on my inner cheeks. I'm not even sure that my tongue is actually cut, but it feels like it is. I know walnuts have sharp edges, but so do a lot of other foods– some of which I eat on a daily basis with no negative reactions. Does this mean I have a walnut allergy? I can't find anything on the web about walnut/nut allergies causing this reaction. There's no swelling, just the feeling of lots of tiny cuts on my tongue. It goes away in a couple of days usually.
Thanks so much for your answer!


I'm allergic to milk and when I have anything related to it I get the same sensation (followed by alot more). Do actual cuts appear or it is more red patches and defined tastebuds? I never truely see a "cut" but it feels like there is on on my tongue and cheeks same "burning" sore feeling you would image if you did cut it.

You could be allergic to walnuts if this is the case. I would say that you need to go find out. Talk to your dr. and ask for an allergy test.

If you don't want to do that yet. Next time it happens try taking a benedryl when you get the feeling. If your mouth feels better soon after taking it, I would definitely say you are allergic. But remember benedryl doesn't stop the reaction it just helps alleviate symptoms.

What ever you do, be careful, because allergies can progress and get worse at any moment. What today is minor mouth irration can tomorrow be a serious reaction.

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