Why Do Some People Feel The Cold More Than Others??!

Question: Why Do Some People Feel The Cold More Than Others!?!?
Don't know!.

When the temperature is 65 F, I am cold!. But at 95 F, I am very comfortable in jeans!.

Oh, and by the way, my body is a human body, and I lived in a place for a solid year where it was 60-70 degrees all year long!. My human body NEVER adapted!. I got adequate nutrition, and had no pre existing medical conditions!. NEVER adapted, was always cold-chili, and finally moved back home to East Texas to save my sanity!.

It was 101 F yesterday with 85% humidity!. I live in heaven!.

P!.S!. I'm a fat woman (180 lbs!.)!. The fat don't keep me warm, and it doesn't keep me from riding a bicycle 22 miles with a 110 F heat index, either!. As far as genetics, well, I am not adopted, but in my family, I am alone in my feelings about heat and cold!. I'm also short (5'2")!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

because the human body is adaptable!. If you live in the arctic, your body will adapt somewhat, so you dont feel the cold as much!. If you live in the desert, it will get used to the heat!. In todays world of air conditioning, and artificial temperature control, everyone has their own preference of temperatures!.

Also has to do with metabolism - pregnant people feel the heat more than they would otherwise, because their metabolism is higher!. Their body is working harder!.

edit: heh, it takes more than just 1 year for your body to adjust!. maybe more like 5 years, but you'll get there!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Its to do with circulation, among other factors!. Some people can have cold hands and feet when the weather is hot!. Symptoms of PMS can also cause people to feel hotter than normal!.

If you have a small amount of body fat, you will feel colder, as larger people have an increased amount of insulation to keep them warm - think of seals and the blubber that keeps them warm!.

Age is also a factor - in the summer you can see some frail elderly people wrapped up in jumpers etc, because they cannot keep the warmth in!. Think of going to visit your grandparents, when they had the fire/heater on full and it felt like a sauna!.

In most people though it is how their body works, no matter how long they have been living in a particular climate!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Its mainly to do with body type and the amount of storage body fat within the person!.
A biology text book will cover this sufficiently!.!.
-Short people can survive better in colder climate (eskimos etc) as opposed to taller people!. Heat is localised to the body and not the limbs when the climate is cold (which is good because a functional heart is more important than a functional finger for instance)!. Tall, thin people have a high surface area and because of their long extremeties, can be effected more easily by cold weather!.
-Also, body fat is something to consider!. Someone with more body fat (not necessarily 'skinny or fat people', since elderly people are usually skinny but they have higher body fat content) can retain more heat!.
-Another thing to consider is body metabolism!. Someone that can breakdown fat stores and other such source faster can generate heat faster thus is less likely to experience effects than someone with a slow metabolismWww@Answer-Health@Com

People who have fast metabolisms usually feel warmer than other people!. Those with hyperthyroidism do anyway!. And generally people with slow metabolism feel colder than others!.

A person would feel colder than others when they have a more sedentary job or they sit around in school all day then go home and sit at a computer for hours!.

Go exercise in the morning and get your pulse right up while doing so then after you will feel warm for the rest of the day!. But you have to do that every day though!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Our blood thickens and thins depending on the temps we are exposed to most!. We were created to withstand cold and heat by the thinning of the blood in the summer so it would flow faster through our extremities (arms, legs) to cool the blood going back to our bodies core and to cool our brains!. In the winter it thickens to maintain the closest constant to 98!.6 degrees going to our brains!. In winter, if we keep our neck and head warm, our hands and feet will not get as cold!. Some people have less fat to store heat than others!.
Many people may be using aspirin or blood thinners for possible heart problems as we age, therefore they will feel cold quicker than others!.

God i dont know - but what i do know is that i'm the WORST when it comes to feeling the cold!! Heater always has to be on and i 'm rugged up!
I'm always copping crap for it - lol!. My dad says i'm a lizard! - Gotta be warm!.
I've always been this way, doesnt matter how big i am - i'm still cold!Www@Answer-Health@Com

are you a small framed person if so thats why lager pepole dont feel the colds as much because they have fat to keep them cold i no thisWww@Answer-Health@Com

it depends on the person, where they come from!. size weight several things play into factor!. such as genetics, and fat cells as wellWww@Answer-Health@Com

It's just a matter of what you get used to really!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

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