What would happen if I forgot to breathe?!

Question: Sometimes I forget to breathe, but then I remember and I take a deep breath. What would happen if I didn't remember? Would I suffocate?

Answers: Sometimes I forget to breathe, but then I remember and I take a deep breath. What would happen if I didn't remember? Would I suffocate?

Your head would explode.

you'd pass out from lack of oxygen and then start breathing.

You breath all day every day. You may not relies you are doing it but if you had have stooped you no longer would be alive.

you'd die.

No, you would not die. Breathing is an involuntary action, and you would have to remember sometime. How do you think you stay alive in your sleep???? You are constantly breathing, even if you do not realize it. If it was a voluntary action, then yes, you would die...

Breathing is a natural reflex...if you forget to breath you will still breathe. until the day that your breathing reflex becomes weak enough to maintain porper oxygen/carbon dioxide levels you will die if you stop thinking about it.

BTW u don't have to think about breathing...if you do u have bigger concerns.

It is not in your hand. You have been fitted with automatic machine by the Creator. If He wishes , He will switch off. So don't worry.

breathing is an automatic action, you don't forget to breathe, you tend to hold your breath. And most people will automatically start breathing again when their oxygen levels begin to drop. But even if you could hold your breath long enough... all you would do is faint, and then the automatic process takes over and you start breathing again.

well if you forgot to breath or you held your breath long enough you would pass out (like fall over) but as soon as your body passed out it would start breathing since breathing is a natural thing your body does without you thinking about it. You are probably thinking about it to much causing yourself not to breath but be assured unless you have a meidcal condision like asthma or some other breathing disorder your body will come to your rescue and start breathing again...but be warned if you do pass out from holding your breath or forgetting to breath you could easily get hurt when you pass out by hitting your head or falling infront of something your not supposed to good luck!

it's a reflex, it's impossible to "forget to breathe". if you held your breath for too long, you would pass out, and your body would force you to breathe.

Buy another one...hehe...
you can breath only one at a time,not two,not three at a time,
but ONE at a time.
Keep breathing,it's the true magic.It's life.

your body would make u breathe again.

poepel with sleep apnea do not breathe occasionally while sleep, then the brain would send a message for the lung to breathe again


Next time you go to the Doctor tell him that..Do you do this in your sleep? If so you could have Sleep Apnea which is very serious. People can actually lose hours of sleep in a 8 hour period. I have to use a machine which I hate but I do sleep better and don't look like I haven't slept for a week.

Your lungs will involuntarily begin to spasm & draw breath after a while -- this function FORCES you to inhale water when you're drowning, or FORCES you to open your airway & embolize if you're in vacuum.

are you retarded, yes, you would die

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