Why am i pooping black liquid? plzz help im scared?!

Question: i been pooping black liquid i dont kno why my stomach hurted a lil bit today what symptom is that?

Answers: i been pooping black liquid i dont kno why my stomach hurted a lil bit today what symptom is that?

If you have recently taken Pepto Bismol...or something similar, it will turn your stool very dark/black.


sounds like youv been on the buckfast

bleeding in your stomach or intestines + diarrhea.

iron supplements could cause black poop too. but rarely liquid

might be ulcers

Go to the emergency room

See a doc -- black is not a favorable color, but usually better than red.

Hi you may have a stomach bug,or you may have been eating something black like liquoirice

go see a doctor PRONTO!!!1 bLACK IS A SIGN OF occult blood AND COULD MEAN SERIOUS BUSINESS. Stop facing the PC nad run to the nearest hospital you have evry reason to be scared that's serious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Could be too much iron in your system,you should have it checked out.Don't be scared.God is with you.

go to a doctot, it may be embarrasing but maybe your in need of medication or have eaten something bad?
ring the hospital, describe it to them and then you dont have to go in....i think you REALLY NEED HELP

hiope ity gets better...
happy x-mas

Wow dunno what that go to the doctors quick

you ate too much of something (fruit, licorice)
you have diarrhea from bad or tainted food or water..
eat cheese, apples, lots of water and get rid of this , but keep hydrated.....
if it is a parasitic thing you want to do a cleanse after this.. go to the drug store and get something , ask the druggist....

Go to the doctor, the sooner the better. Dont be scared, just get it sorted!

What have you been eating or drinking recently that is out of the ordinary ? It could be that.

It could also be blood, and if so you ought to get things checked out by a doctor.

..isnt it obvious?? ...you're brains have liquefied and are now draining..

Go to the hospital! This is one of the symptoms that calls for being checked out immediately. I know you're scared, but you need to get treated as soon as possible--better now than later, because if it's a serious problem, then it's more fixable now than later. Trust me, you'll be glad later that you went now! Good luck.

you didnt eat your food

i think you got ulcer...you got the same symptoms like my grandfather..... the black liquid is blood and it smells awful ( sorry for the term)..... but its better to consult your doctor about it.......(",

Dark blood or bright red blood in the stool or black, tarry stools suggests that there is bleeding higher up in the intestines stomac This could indicate a serious medical problem. See your doctor right away

IT sounds like a stomach bowel infection to me and you need to contact your physician as soon as possible.

have someone...anyone take you to the nearest hospital emergency room now!!!!
it is possible that your bleeding and could die. seriously, i hope this is not the case but you need to go now!
do not drive, call 911 and get there quick. it doesn't take long to loose alot of blood that way.
this is serious!

Black is not better then red! Black poop can be a sign of internal bleeding. Not always, but can be. If it is and you do not get it taken care of, you will be in serious trouble. How much pain are you in?

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