Question: ahhhh yes

Answers: ahhhh yes

noooo but they may provide some very very very soft porn mags



lol, on hand???
I doubt it.

I would say not but it would be nice if they did:)

I think you know the answer to that already. I'm sick of all these dirty nurse jokes. Nursing is a damn hard job!

lmao thanks for the laugh

I think the nurses rather GAG themselves.

sounds like you don't need nurses on your hand...! What a plonker!

Why? Get a wife have kids like most people do

yes the male nurses at the local clinic are always helpful

If thats you in your avatar I bet they'd all be fighting to help you out.

A child created from your sperm will be a star turn ;-)

I'm a nurse and I can assure you, you would NOT want me anywhere near you because I'm so scary and fierce!

dude...get a hooker...at least this way you get yours and we dont have to worry about another one of you popping up some day in the future.

I think you'll be disappointed when you learn that theres no Male Nurses there for ya...........

There is a senile old porn queen from the 30's on the fourth floor who generally takes all new "comers".



Don't you wish, well, the fat ones are.

Yes they are male nurses so they know what they are doing!

dude! just because they are nurses that doesn't also make them your personal jack off assistant. get over your life and stop thinking every woman is there to serve you. maybe a male nurse will help you at the clinic. no? you just want to be an ***? oh, and nursing is a very hard job to do without dealing with idiots like you on top of it!!!

eff off, fat boy. Put some clothes on, for Gawds sake

wow, they dont come any pervier than you!

I know the nurses can't help you but give you things to look at

My buddies mom used to work for the fertilization clinic in Ontario and told me that you can bring someone in the room with you to help you as long as they don't contaminate the donation

so no saliva

no you go it alone

You wish...

We have a sperm bank near by. the mastubatorium has couple of nurses, but the max they will do is offer soft porn mags. i dont think you'll want the male nurses to help !

Only to open the jar.

For the main part of the procedure all you will need is your own hand , a pile of porn mags and a little plastic bottle .
The medical staff are only there to give directions and ensure your "donation" is passed on to the correct area .

Nope. It's DIY only and I think the clinics are somewhat selective about genetic quality and health of donor. If you are a young and vigorous example of your race then there will be no problem (but also no help beyond access to there porn archive).

This is meant to be an altruistic act to help those cursed with infertility. They match you to the general characteristics of the 'father'. Your avatar looks fantastic so I am sure the doctors will be falling over them selves in there eagerness.

I know a lot of the male one would be.

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