I have a crush on my step daughter.?!

Question: I have a crush on my step daughter!.!?
Everyone here will think I'm a creep, but you all would think the same if you were in my position!. She is absolutely beautiful, has blond hair, and piercing blue eyes!. Her cell phone rings non stop from boys who like her, she also empties out her back pack everyday, which is full of love notes!. I can't help but have a crush on her, when she looks me in the eyes and talks to me I blush and look away!. When I do her laundry I fight strong urges to sniff her panties, lately these urges have been getting stronger and stronger!. I'm now getting urges to watch her when she's taking a shower!. I'm afraid that she might catch on !. How can I suppress these emotions!. Www@Answer-Health@Com

I think a lot of the answers you have already received are a clue to why you are having difficulty: apparently society has adjusted itself to forget that when a girl is just past the age of developing sexually (let's say 14 years old) that, biologically speaking, she is at the peak of her sexual health--it simply fights every instinct that a man has to NOT be attracted to a great many women at this age!. And despite what everyone else wants to tell you, NO, there is nothing wrong with your attraction to a girl at that age!.

Women used to regularly get married at the age of 14, which people think is shocking and horrible!.!.!.we seem to be completely out of touch with our own biology!. So, there's that!.

Part of what I'll guess is making all of this so difficult for you is that you feel "wrong" about your attraction!. The whole of human history can attest to the experience of trying to shut off one's natural impulses/feelings--only to have uncontrollable obsessions and compulsions overwhelm them later on!. Part of your problem is that you're convinced that your attraction is wrong/dirty/bad, etc!.

Of course, one must face facts, that the law is the law--and you are not allowed to make sexual advances on anyone less than 18 years old!. I'm sure that you're aware of that!.

Beauty is beautiful, it is a pleasure and joy to behold--female beauty no less so, clearly all of your feelings/emotions attest to the pleasure that is the beauty of a young woman!. But it should be noted, that while beauty is enough to make a man feel sexually interested in a woman, it is not beauty alone that makes a man feel an uncontrollable compulsion toward making illegal sexual advances on a woman!.

So there are still, probably, residual issues that you might have--which I can't really guess at!. Perhaps you have a certain amount of discomfort with your own sexuality!? Perhaps you have had to repress certain feelings and attractions in the past!? Most people have had this kind of negative experience, and it is worth paying attention to!.

You might consider talking to a therapist if you feel the negative experiences of the past are still having an effect on you--certainly it is worth examination!.

But, also, perhaps a part of you also feels that your current sex life is unhappy!. Perhaps you have not been making your own sexual happiness a priority and part of you is pissed off about this!? There are a lot of complexities to this sort of thing!. Thankfully, "sexual dissatisfactions" are among the more enjoyable things in life to sort out!. :)

Buck up!. You're not strange, you're normal and healthy--no matter what anyone tells you!. Just realize that some part of you is perhaps unhappy with your current situation!. And yes, that should be addressed squarely!.

Good luck!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

well we cant tell you anything new, your right you are a creep, that is disgusting, she sound young (18) and you must be like 40, you married her mom when you new she had a daughter your in deep infatuation with, thats gross man, disgusting, my only advice, see a therapistWww@Answer-Health@Com

Chemical castration!? You are right, you are a creep!. Even though she is a step daughter, she's still your daughter!. If my husband ever developed a "crush" on my daughter, I'd kick him to the curb!. Seek help from a psychiatrist, and fast!Www@Answer-Health@Com

i think you may be having a laugh with us and if you are its not funny!.this is not correct behavior and if you are being serious i would suggest you get help and keep away from your step daughter!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

I dont see how you can develop a crush on your step-daughter, the only thing to do would be to speak with a confidential counsellor or therapist!. Www@Answer-Health@Com

OMG you are disgusting!.!.!.

I swear if you were my husband and i found this out I would castrate you in your sleep!. Get in to counseling or jump off a bridge you sick freak!.


Get into therapy!.

NOW - before you do something that will damage this child for the rest of her life!.


Get on the phone and make an appointment!.


omg!.!. eww!.!. see a psychologist pronto! good luck i guess!.!.!.:SWww@Answer-Health@Com

The parent in me is totally disgusted,the therapist in me says at least your asking for help!. Seek professional help immeadiately, you see yourself progressing!. You shouldnt be doing this girls laundry anyway,If she has a cell phone she can answer all day and write love notes she can do that herself!.!.!.YOU MUST SET BOUNDARIES of appropriatenes!.!.!.you have no business even seeing her underthings!.
But like I said your urges are increasing and in a minute there will be compulsions you feel compelled to engage in (Such as peeping etc)
Talk to a therapist and do whatever they tell you to do!.
If not you need to leave the house AT ONCE before you hurt someone in the house or before someone catches on to what your doing and hurts youWww@Answer-Health@Com

Okay, so it's not really about suppressing the emotions!. I think you just need to look at the situation:

-You married a woman who has a daughter!.
-Your role as a father is to protect her from harm!.

Change your mindset into thinking of what would be best for her!. Her beauty attracts quite a bit of attention as well as yours, arousing lust!.

As she develops, you should be making sure her beauty isn't getting her into anything that will bring harm to her!. e!.g!. One of the boys might try to pull a move on her without her consent and then she's traumatized!. Remember you are the father, spying on her might, of course, add on to your urges and soon you might not get satisfaction from just watching her!. You'll get the temptaion to get physical, and that's just not right as a father to do!.

Yes it's hard, but in the end it will help you grow and make you a better person!

So use your brain and do what's right!
-Good luck!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Wow, you are in a tough situation!.!.!.!. Reminds me of Nabakov's Lolita(a book), but instead you have the honor not to embrace these feelings but rather to attempt to quash them!. I'm not a mental health expert but I see that you are asking for help, you might strongly consider seeing a mental health expert, and I am not chastising but commending you!. You must alienate yourself from these thoughts!. You must not let them linger in your mind!. Be mindful of any fantasy as it appears an push it from your mind, mentally scold yourself!. If you find that you are having some thoughts move your mind and body to do something else, go shoot some hoops, ride a bike, wash the car, etc!. You are in great danger of going down the slippery slope if you allow yourself to indulge in any of the things you mentioned!. You are additionally at risk of ruining your paternal relationship with this wonderful young person, not to mention your marriage as a whole!. Try to regulate yourself and if needed call a professional! Good luck!Www@Answer-Health@Com

uhmm!. love her mother!. or get a divorce from her mother
DO NOT!.!.I REPEAT DO NOT continue doing what u're doing
she WONT appreciate it!.
IM SERIOUS!. while U are feeling bad 4 URESELF thats ure problem
she shouldnt have to worry if her StepFather has a crush on her or not
Not only is it not natural but it will scar her FOR LIFE

It doesnt matter how pretty u think she is!. DON'T DO ANYTHING TO HER

or better yet!.!.!.if u dont believe me or anyone else!. ASK UR WIFE!.

Just Think About It!.
Okay So U Try To Kiss Her Or Sumethingg Worse Like That
Not only will u GO 2 JAIL
She'd be scarred 4 life
Resent you
and possibly detour reality alltogether
&&Ur wife will HATE U
ITS NO GOOD !.!. Www@Answer-Health@Com

Hmmmmmm this is hard to say!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!., 1 u r not a creep!. checkin out a chick is perfectly fine, but the shower thing thats goin to far!. ummmm maybe try to find a girl around where u live that looks similar or even better!. try anything to get ur mind off her!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

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