I wish I had the courage to kill myself. But I'd mess that up too?!

Question: I wish I had the courage to kill myself!. But I'd mess that up too!?
I am really not feeling sorry for myself!.please understand that! But I just feel so alone!. My wife really has no use for me anymore, my few friends are busy and have no time for me, my job just plain stinks no matter how hard I try!. even my minister doesn't seem to want to hear about it!. I really am not a whiner!. My life has just gone to pot so fast and so thoroughly, that I just don't think its worth it anymore!. If it weren't for my kids and the hurt they would feel I think I would just put a bullet thru my head and get it all over with!. Has any readers ever felt this way!? Www@Answer-Health@Com

Partner, A few years ago I found myself in the same spot as you to the point I had myself committed before I did something!. First of all don't be ashamed of what you are feeling and seek some kind of professional counseling, Whatever you can find!. Don't depend on the church, they don't view it as what it is!. Everything you mentioned is real!. Understand that part!. Do not think of it all as one problem!. That makes it too big!. Each part is a smaller problem unto itself!. As hard as it might seem there is life after marriage, there are better and more enjoyable jobs and friends come and go!. It is possible that your outlook is driving your personality and that in it self may keep people away!. I lost several close friends during that time but I have found more!. I lost a job I thought I would retire from but I found one I enjoy more!. Everything that you are focusing on is temporary!. You didn't mention your age but I am 51 now and I enjoy life more now than I ever have cause I learned that I am important to me!. Don't be afraid to talk to your family doctor about what you are feeling!. Regular MD's have an amazing arsenal of help and you may never need to see a psychologist!. Clinical Depression is very common and easily treated!. Give it a thought, you will be amazed at what life can taste like!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Yea I was a cutter for 6 years!.!. I witnessed domestic violence as a child I went through the shelter system!.!. its been crazy, even now things aren't where I want them to be, but thats life things get thrown at you all the time, you just deal with them and get on with life!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

i hurt so bad every day!. my life is nothing!. i have no friends!. no one cares about me!. im invisible!. life hurts!. why is everyone else so d@mn happy!? your not alone!. hell would be worse though!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Yes, I have!. Recently, in fact!. But here's the thing!. It gets better, and you are going to have to dig deep and help yourself!. See if you can find a psychiatrist or talk to your family doctor who can provide you medication for this!. You probably need to talk everything out and it can be really helpful!. There are people who can help you!. You really need to take care of yourself!.

It gets bad for everyone from time to time, but things always get better!. Sometimes I have a hard time believing that myself, but things do improve!. I know that it seems really hard to keep going on, but you will and you can survive it, whatever it is!.

Be good to yourself!.


um, well im only a teenager!.!.!.but ive thought of killing myself (well, not really, but its tempting, if u know wat i mean!.!.!.)!.
anyways, ur kids are part of ur life, they love u, and u need to stay alive for them!.!.!. and maybe it would be best to talk to some1 about this!. i would recommend a professional!. and maybe even ur wife!.!.!. and ur minister doesnt want to hear about u wanting to kill ur self!?!.!.um, well im sorry, maybe a new church would do u good!.

but please, do not put a bullet through ur head!.!.!.i am sorry for all youve gone through, but ending your life is not how u deal with your problems!. hurting yourself and your family and friends, does not solve this!.!.!. talk to someone you trust and feel comfortable with, please, for your kids' sake!.!.!.
good luck, and i hope you feel better about yourself real soon!.!.!.
by the way, im a cutter, i know how you feel!.!.!. xXx and my best friend keeps me alive!.!.!. <3Www@Answer-Health@Com

Dont do it!. more people care about u than u think!. I often wanna kill my self too but i dont because im scared about where ill go!.!.!. i no that the 1st person said there a cutter!.!.!. do NOT cut I was hooked after the second cut ive quit but its still an addiction and will b 4ever!.!.!. whenever i read about somethin bad that happens in a book/ watch a movie about some1s life that turns upside down i imajin that the next thing they do is go and cut themselves and it sucks!.!.!. i am greatful that myh mom saw my cutts once!.!.!. i lied and said that the cat did it and she believed it because i didnt do it very deep!.!.!. just enough to get the high that makes u feel better!.!.!. so my mom never found out!.!.!. but that gav me enough fear to stop

so dont cut and dont kill yrself please!.!.!.!. u could call a suicide hottline and talk 2 them -- Call 1-800-SUICIDE

Please get help and talk to yr family and friendsWww@Answer-Health@Com

Sweetie, I have been there, dont do it!. You'll be amazed at how quickly life changes, and its not worth it!. I wanted to kill myself this year, but I just couldnt do it!. I made a promise to my best friend that I wouldnt hurt myself, and even when she left, I kept that promise to her because I loved her, and I know she loves me!. That kept me going!. Like your kids are now!. Evenutally I got myself into counseling and was diagnosed with Depression!. But after a few months with an amazing therapist I got better!. And Im so happy Im alive!. **** happens, and I learned how to deal!. And because of my experiences Im going to grow up and become a therapist so I can help others like myself!. So I am sorry for what your going through, but I think you should find a counselor!. You can find one in your area by going to www!.psychologytoday!.com, Good luck!!Www@Answer-Health@Com

Seriously, my dad has been like that, dont't ever put that kind of hurt on your children!!!!! Think about it at least you have a house, marriage(even though it sounds not good), job, My dad has nothing, after having to retire from the military for 23 years, his jobs treat him like ****, cant really afford a house, no marriage, his family dosent talk to him really, he only has me, and he still finds a way to live in a depressed world, I would go to a counselor, marriage counseling or something, find a hobby that suits you well!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Yes, you're far from alone!. Perhaps on a smaller scale, though!. I'm younger than you, being 16, but I have been going through a similar experience recently!. However, when I thought about how close I've been to my sister and cousin over the years, I began to sob uncontrollably, and couldn't make myself do it!. Basically throw in the whole nobody really wanting to listen to you, as well as the pressures of being a teen, growing up, and whatnot!. Nobody wants to help, but they're waiting to see you succeed, as well as a few other problems!. I'd say my sister and cousin are the only reason I'm still alive this very moment!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Actually I guess i've been a whiner and I have felt sorry for myself but now i've realized that I haven't been thinking right!. Killing yourself is a permanent solution for what we find out later in life were only temporary problems!. Life itself is what it is and is not changeable, but the way we think and feel is not fixed so we can change this!. changing your emotions and your feelings of sadness is as easy as just making the choice to change the way you think!. "whether you think you CAN or you think you CAN'T" just remember either way you are right!!!!Www@Answer-Health@Com

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