Morphine for suicide?!

Question: Morphine for suicide!?
Morphine for suicide!?
What is the success rate of suicide using morphine would it be quick and painless!?Www@Answer-Health@Com

The last time I got banned for answering a suicide question, buuuuuuuuut!.!.!.

50mgs is the lethal dose of morphine, but you didn't hear it from me!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Umm Morphine is a pain killer!. You usually get in when your in the hospital and have chronic pain or just finished surgery!. It wouldn't kill you, you will just overdose if you took too much and then you would be taken to the hospital, maybe even arrested for attempting suicide because that is illegal to commit suicide, or you might overdose and actually die but usually that happens if you take more then one drug!. dont do it and i'm sure this question is a joke but it's not funnyWww@Answer-Health@Com

Ok my aunt had cervical cancer and she was dying on her last day the day before Christmas and we all watched which was sad, what helped her though was that she had a lot of morphine and she not only died from the cancer but the morphine overdose, and yes, she was very quiet!. By the time you keep doing it, you'll be so high and the opiate receptors will be so blocked you'll die completely painless!. But suicide is never an option, if you really need help or something man you can e mail me and I'll try and help you!. Www@Answer-Health@Com

Morphine takes about 45-55 minutes to enter your blood stream, first it has to disintegrate through you liver and then gets into the blood!. morphine numbs the nerve endings in your body and takes about 3 hours to ware off!. that is taking 1 pill!. if you was to talk 10 at once you would feel very very relax and fall asleep, it wouldn't kill you but it would hurt your liver and the nerves in your body, you would be in more pain that before you was asking this question!.

If you are just asking a question that is fine!. but if you are wanting to commit suidide, I would say that you are being selfish, that is the easy way out!. you would be hurting people that loved you if you did this!. Life can change!. you can change your like to something that is wonderful!. you are a person that needs a little help!. please seek that help if you need it!. your life will be great one day!.


Believe me, i've never been religious, but I know first-hand that the place you go when you take your own life is a place you do not ever want to see!. I cannot stress that enough!. I made that foolish decision years ago to take an easy and painless way out of my pain, and I was technically dead for18 minutes!. They say it's a miracle that I came back!. I had another experience of "flatlining" while going through childbirth and the anesthesiologist screwed up, and I experienced an entirely different experience ~beautiful~though I fought to come back as well!. You don't ever want to see that black and horrible cold place with hideous sounds of souls in agony; at least that was my experience!. Then two weeks of squirting out projectile charcoal liquid from every orifice if you survive it!. Put that thought aside for now!. Be thankful you don't have a face like mine!. And I'm happy!!Www@Answer-Health@Com

i don't know what's making you want to do this but let me just tell you something, suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem!. you may think that nobody likes you i don't know but from experience i can tell you that it hurts when someone you know commits suicide!. i have felt that if i had gotten a hint from someone before they tried to kill themself that maybe i could have stopped them!. it makes everyone feel guilty!.!.!.please just try to work it out!. THINGS WILL GET BETTER!!!!! i know you think they wont but i promise they will!. if you don't want to talk to friends or family then go to a counselor or priest or maybe join a club but please whatever you do dont kill yourself! if you want then you can talk to me maybe i can help!.!.!.please!?Www@Answer-Health@Com

Killing yourself with toxic materials is never painless!.

Have you ever seen how the body of the person can seize up, the way their eyes roll up, and the way they shake violently when they overdose on something like cocaine!?

It's scary sh*t!.


this has got to be one of the sickest questions ever asked on Yahoo answers!.
Dude, look around you!. Anything u'll miss!? How about opportunities u've never taken!? Things u've never said!? Places u've never visited!?
If The Dark Knight has taught me anything, it's that things need to get worse inorder to get better!. the night is darkest before dawn my friend!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Morphine can be a pain in the *** to find, and will show up in blood tests!. Easy to tell if youre killing yourself with it!. Its slow as hell!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

There are people out there who care!. I do, and I dont even know you!. So does everyone else who has answered your question, otherwise they wouldn't have answered!. Please visit this site!. http://suicidehotlines!.com/ Www@Answer-Health@Com

Making suicide quick and painless kind of defeats the purpose!. Haha!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Reaching out for help is less painful!. You'll start puking, it'll be horrible!.Www@Answer-Health@Com


dont do itWww@Answer-Health@Com

If you are looking to commit suicide!. Please don't do it! Get help! Www@Answer-Health@Com

dont do it at all because morphine will get you caught!.!.!. dont commit suicide or you'll dieWww@Answer-Health@Com

haha 'success rate of suicide using morphine'!?!?

are you joking or what!?

you think we know that!?


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