How can I slowly kill myself without letting anyone notices?!

Question: I want to slowly kill myself without letting my family notices my intention.
i am planning to use my liquid diet plan as an excuse to kill myself so that my family wont notice the changes. can someone give me some information on that. if i do not plan to eat for 90 days, will that do the trick?

Answers: I want to slowly kill myself without letting my family notices my intention.
i am planning to use my liquid diet plan as an excuse to kill myself so that my family wont notice the changes. can someone give me some information on that. if i do not plan to eat for 90 days, will that do the trick?

Why slowly? That would be most painful? Is it the killing yourself that you want, or the pain? Honestly people WILL notice no matter what you do.
Once I planned to do the same as you, minus the water. It was because my first love dumped me, and he had a new gf (a week after the breakup). Prob was I was so in love, still living with him, and we were together for almost 4 yrs. He'd just met this chick the night before he broke it off with me.
So I went crazy (yes crazy), and wanted to starve myself to death. After about 4 days I figured 'what am I doing? if I do this to myself, I'll NEVER have a chance of getting him back!'
A couple of years down the track, I was glad that he did end it.
Moral of the story, life may be painful, but hurt does heal, no matter how long it takes. To end it will hurt others. Obviously you kind of think of them, otherwise you wouldn't care if they saw what you were doing. It would be much worse for your friends and family to have you dead, than what it would be for them to witness it.
Look after yourself, nothing is worth dying over. NOTHING

u need professional help why would u wanna kill urself? think about it. u should never take ur own life. god gave u life and he must take it, not u. honestly goo seek professional help.

think about how your death will ruin other people lives (your parents, friends etc) And maybe youll think twice b4 doing anything harmful

Do you actually think someone is going to tell you how to kill yourself. Get help. Talk to a dr. or your family.

Get some help, honey. Nothing can be that bad!!

If you don't feel like your family cares. I do. I don't know enough about it, but get yourself some help. NOW!!!

not eat for 90 days???? thats not gonna work....your gonna start to get sick and not be able to take care of urself and ur family is gonna take u to the hospital and ur not gonna be able to refuse cuz ur gonna be so no, it won.t do the trick......its not like ur gonna be okey and functioning up until the day you die........

Unless they are blind, they will know you are losing weight. You really need to seek some counseling. Whatever you are going through is temporary and will get better over time. I have been where you are, so I know for a fact it will get better. You have to keep your head up no matter what. These obstacles will only make you much stronger over time. Then you will be able to help someone who may be going through the same thing some day. I will be praying for you. Hang in there!

A liquid diet won't work. People have been known to live for years on only water. Water is the best provider of nutrients that our body needs.

Anyway dumb question. People won't tell you how to kill yourself - fast or slow. If you need help then get help!

Let me ask YOU the question.

Do you know where you're going when your gone? Do you really think you just cease to exist? What if you're wrong?

Before your make your decision to leave this earth, I encourage you to pick up a bible and read revelations.

Enlighten yourself as to where your escape from earth could leave you.

What could be so wrong with your life that you
would want to do away with your self...??????

Don't be selfish and think of what your family and
friends will go thru.

Smoke cigarettes and get lung cancer? Eat McD's 5x a day and have a heart attack? If you do the starvation thing, people will notice when you hit the skin/bones stage.

Honestly, I would just suggest not killing yourself.

Try this website

hi sweetie,
if your thinking about suicide please read this:(if there is three dots at the end of the pdf link please remove them otherwise the link will not work)

"For God so loved the world that He Gave His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, that whosoever would believe on Him will not perish but have everlasting life." (John 3:16)

I really think that you are suffering from a disorder, possibly even morbid depression.
It is not healthy to have these thoughts.
I also think that you are being selfish towards your family.
Do you think you are being kind to them by keeping it from them.
You need to ask yourself why you want to do this.
What has occured to bring on these feelings.
This is irrational thought at its best.
The worst part about this?
There are people in hospital right now slowly dying from terminal illness, probably with family members keeping a bedside vigil. Experiencing absolute agony in there remaining time on earth.
And you are quite comfortable wanting to bring that pain and suffering upon your own family - allow them to experience that loss.
Seek help - I don't know what else to say.

B@*LSH*T....I hate to be the heartless one but someone needs to be saying,'Look,you want to kill it and quit bitchin'...people who are going to ,do it...people who want to be pandered to and felt sorry for come to places like this and look for sympathy...
So... what?you're going to take the advice of a complete stranger on how to kill yourself slowly?stick your head in an oven,and make sure it's not electric....sorry but if someone's depressed or anxious and needs advice ,fair enough...but advice on committing suicide...come on....get a helmet....I'm sorry you obviously need some kind of help and good're lucky you have the choice to starve..
I have spoken...negatives expected...

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